Business Continuity Planning

Your office is flooded, smoked out, or under 12 feet of snow and your phones are ringing at reception. What do you do? What if it’s just the internet or phones have gone out? How do you continue to operate during the emergency?

Business Continuity Plan

Our team will work with you to determine what is important, and what isn’t. Your best Business Continuity Plan (BCP) can be activated by anyone who you designate in your company with very little effort. You may not have customers coming to your office, but you may have ringing phones, faxes, incoming email, or customer files. You may have radio dispatching, you may have mail coming in. Where is your accounting server and what if it’s in that building? How do you set up your office so you can operate from another location and not miss a beat for your customers?

What does RTGroup do?

We develop plans for all areas of your business to ensure your operations continue and whether you choose to operate them from your house, a hotel room, or a post disaster recovery facility, you will be up and running.

We set you up with all the materials and equipment necessary to have your continuity at the level you want for your business.

We have relationships with post disaster recovery facilities, all the internet providers, colocation facilities (where you can keep your servers), satellite internet and satellite phone providers and major hardware vendors to ensure you stay connected wherever you are.

Did you know, for as little as $150 a month, you can have satellite internet with phone service on standby on the roof of your building? No longer will you be worried about a backhoe tearing up your cable line, causing a gas leak and turning off your power.

Once a plan is implemented, it’s only as good as the tests run on it. RTGroup will meet with you on a regular basis to go over the plan, assist with running tests on it and working out any issues discovered during those tests.

What do I do next?

Give us a call or send us a note to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals.