Ian RobertsonPresident & Founder
Ian Robertson has gained recognition as a reliable authority in IT management, system support, troubleshooting and network infrastructure. Born and raised in Victoria, Ian has managed systems ranging from one to hundreds of computers. He has over 20 years’ systems management experience in the fields of: education, real estate, financial, publishing, recreation, and data centres. The combination of Ian’s technical background and his leadership skills motivated him to start Robertson Technology Group.
Ian’s passions include photography, travel, and spending time with his wife and their dog, Gizmo.
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Our Valuable Team Members

Stafford Edwards

System Administrator & Web Developer

Stafford enables companies and individuals by bringing simplicity and fun to the technological environment. For individuals, he removes the boredom out of utilizing repetitive technological tools. For companies, he generates enthusiastic and productive employees.

Stafford’s passion allows him to help users benefit from clear lines of communication utilizing current technology. This includes Tiers 2 & 3 support and teaching users how to engage on technologically social levels that provide feedback, crowd-sourced promotion and customer loyalty.

Stafford’s extensive experience in both system administration and web development is a great asset to our team.

Lorne McElderry

Systems Administrator

…bio coming soon!

Philip Parsons

Systems Administrator

…bio coming soon!

Peter Casson


…bio coming soon!


IMG_4145Chief Happiness Dog

Gizmo enjoys spending time in the office, receiving head scratches and napping as much as possible. His primary role is to ensure team happiness throughout the office.