Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive strategies and solutions to protect your data, operations, and the future of your business

Be ready when (not if) disaster strikes your business

Floods, wildfires, 12 feet of snow, cyberattacks, power outages, global pandemics — such unpredictable disasters are not only here to stay, but are actually increasing. These events can wipe out all your data, halt your operations, and even force the closure of your business. 

You need a reliable, hassle-free solution that safeguards all your digital assets and operations, and ensures you avoid the fate suffered by those who didn’t have disaster recovery plans.
That’s why RTGroup offers our comprehensive Data Backup & Disaster Recovery services. 

You’ll be able to operate through any unplanned interruption and return to full functionality afterward. With automatic backups of your data and infrastructure, easy-to-follow contingency plans, and even off-site recovery facilities, there’s no disaster that can prevent you from communicating with colleagues, serving customers, and protecting your employees and assets. 

Build more trust with your employees, customers, and other stakeholders with:

Hassle-free solutions
Automatic backups and fully managed solutions so you can focus on your work
Increased reliability and productivity
Recovery times of minutes, not hours or days
Improved compliance
Meet all your stringent security and safety requirements more easily
The potential to save lives
Clear, easy-to-follow emergency plans

Our business continuity solutions protect all the investments you’ve made and hard work you’ve done with:

Co-Managed IT Services

Improve your overall productivity and efficiency

Fully Managed IT Services

Forget all your tech worries and focus on your business

IT Consulting & Professional Services

Ensure your IT is always a strategic advantage

Cloud Services

Stay efficient and innovative for digital success